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Why We Switched To A Blogger Site

Previously, Alfred & Friends was hosted on a WordPress site and as you know WordPress gives one the ability to do a lot of creative things using their plugins.As you may know, I (Alfred) has been censored on multiple platforms at various times from to even Google itself which owns Blogger. I am unapologetically Christian and boldly inspire & build Christians to takeover the ideological landscape of the world as the waters covers the seas. This of cause annoys people, groups, and organisations which have other plans for the world.  No matter, I would win. For One with God is majority. WordPress recently took away all features from the site. All plugins could no longer be accessed. I could only create posts on the site.  WordPress did this to me even though I was using the stand alone WordPress installation on my own web host. I wasn't using their blog service. I was using their WordPress CMS (Content Management System) on my own server, not theirs. I decid…